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Black Two Piece Set Selene

$145.00 USD
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   Chained inside the starry sky, ancient loveliness Selene ,comes as inspiration crafted into a piece of art. Seductive and triggering design featuring:

Black sheer base bandeau front, hand decorated with sparkling beaded  appliqué on the top, connected to the choker collar in the centre and finished with a delicate satin bow on the lock. Multiple silken straps swirling  around the body creating 4 straps on the back, each decorated with a satin bow. Black thong with glossy silk base decorated with beaded trim around the edges with oversize bow in the rear, connecting top and a bottom together if desired.

Product  Details 

Adjustable Straps | Silk | Handmade Beaded Applique | Handmade | Hand Wash Recommended